About AMT

Ayed Alhajri Est. was established in 1997 to provide services in transport and logistics carrier of goods from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to neighboring countries GCC. Over the years Ayed Alhajri Est. has grown to be the safest, dependable and trusted transporter and logistics carrier of goods to their clients. On January 05, 2013 Ayed Alhajri Est. decided to enhance their current scope of service and cater the needs of the growing oil and gas activities in the Kingdom. Al Hajri Transportation Co. Ltd (AMT) was established to formalize the company’s fastest growing from a transporter and logistics carrier to oil and gas activities. Al hajri Transportation Co. Ltd was registered in Aramco supplier with vendor No. 10052619 and ISO registered 9001:2015, the company tied up with the biggest companies in oil drilling in Saudi Arabia by supplying equipment with brand new model of trucks and modified trailers according to client’s requirement together with manpower for Rig moving services.

Chairman Message:

Al Hajri Transportation Co. Ltd. (AMT Co.) was founded with a clear vision to become the leading provider of transport and logistics services in Saudi Arabia. From the very beginning, we understood that the need for transportation services would only become more pressing as Saudi Arabia’s economy began to grow. After almost 2 decades of success, AMT Co. drive to achieve a superior level of service remains intact. In a fast changing world, we continue to seek ways to continuously improve our services and to be at the forefront of innovation.

We firmly believe that the transport and logistics industry is the very backbone of Saudi Arabia’s economic activities and we are honored and proud to contribute to the Kingdom’s economic and social progress.

As a leading transport and logistics company, with a sizeable fleet of vehicles equipped with the latest technology, new strategic goals, cutting edge tracking and monitoring technology, AMT Co. is better positioned than ever before to ensure timely and safe delivery of our client’s products.

Our quest for excellence will continue as we aim to be the first choice for all companies in need of transportation and logistics services. However, we are fully aware of our responsibility as a corporate citizen. All AMT Co. staff and management pride themselves in the company’s involvement in charitable, philanthropic and socially responsible activities.

On behalf of the management, and our teams throughout the Kingdom, We would like to thank our valued client’s for their continued trust and support and we look forward to delivering outstanding value to them in 2019 and beyond.


Salem Mohammed Al Hajri                                         

Chief Executive Officer

Ayed Mohammed Al Hajri

General Manager